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Awesome Concept Of Wooden Patio Cover For Home Decoration

Do you think that you need a patio at your home? If you say yes, you would rather choose the best patio design. There are so many patio design that can be applied, one of them is called wooden patio cover. This wooden patio is very awesome for classic house. This article will show you some awesome concept of wood patio cover.

A wooden patio cover must be made of hardwood as the material. For example, you want to build a patio with wood flooring design. this can be made by creating such pegola floor design. Or you can build patio ceiling with wood made concept. This also can be the best way to get wood nuance at your patio.

The other patio concept uses nice cover on its ceiling. This cover is like a pergola design with original brown coloring. This patio seems very attractive since there is beautiful garden with green nuance close to the patio. On the patio cover, you add another classic stuff like a hanged fan.

Those patio explained above are all covered patio design, unlike the other one which is showed in the picture which uses wood made ceiling, but it does not cover all the area. This wooden patio ceiling is simpler and when rain come it does not block the rain. So, the floor will get wet anyway.

Thus, there are many more patio cover design. The pictures showed in this article are just some of them. You can make by yourself if you want.