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Cool Design Of Queen Size Daybed

Do you really want to have queen size daybed in your home? everybody must want to have it. Since, this kind of bed design is so adorable. This bed does not only has function for sleeping but it is also for lounging. This is a bit different from common bed design, it uses a little smaller and some of them have a back seat. The writer would like to share some cool design of queen size daybed that may be inspiring you.

The concept of cool design of queen size daybed can be made using wooden frame. This frame is quite simple with some hideout function. The basic idea of this queen daybed has bigger size that the common sofa. For instance, you can see in the picture there is a daybed with white coloring concept and has some pillows on it. The design is really fresh with pure white color combined with a bit green. This daybed concept does not have any headboard.

Unlike the other concept showed in the next picture, this daybed uses more classic coloring design with some decoration on the headboard. This queen daybed design uses ninety degree headboard design applied on the room corner. The position is very close to window. This daybed concept is suitable for you who want to enjoy the view over the window.

There is also another queen daybed concept which is placed at balcony. This is kind of outdoor queen daybed. The concept used is wooden made with classic design. This is quite simple daybed which can be made by yourself. It also uses ninety degree headboard design, it is colorless. It uses the original wooden color. This queen daybed is suitable for you who have high balcony and has nice view. So, you can enjoy your day on your daybed and see the beauty of nature around.