The EasyWay To Make Your Natural And Shine House

The house is designed to take advantage of natural light has several advantages at once, the house is healthy, because it is not damp, still bright yet energy efficient because it does not waste power, and the interior looks more creative. The main thing in the use of natural light is made of openings such as doors, windows or skylights. In addition, there are other steps that need to be known in order to benefit optimally.
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1 Do not block light from the entering place
The area avoid placing furniture or objects that are high and large window as it can block the sunlight. The window frame should also be simple in design, do not need a lot of detail. If you want to install blinds for privacy needs, use of curtains that do not block the sunlight into the house. The ways = select white or pastel color with a thin material because it can transmit light. You should select a convenient curtain opened and closed as needed.

2 Take advantage of reflective material
If the windows in your home are limited size and quantity, try to take advantage of a mirror or glass that can reflect light. Mirrors or glass which is placed not far from the window can help make a room brighter. Not just a mirror, the other elements are reflective material can also use. For example, the floors with a shiny surface (polished tile) which is mounted on the wall. Do not forget, choose a light-colored floor so that the reflections more leverage..

3 Bright colors
white or pastel colors can reflect more light than dark colors. Therefore, consider choosing this kind of color to your interior, especially on wide areas such as wall, floor, or ceiling. In a room like this, you did not need to turn on the lights during the day so that it can save electricity consumption.

4 skylight
Sunlight store energy that can make the space more healthy and comfortable. If the condition of your space is very limited and hard to create openings such as windows, think about the possibility to design other types of openings. Besides opening the window is usually made in the upper wall or ceiling (skylights). This method is also effective to get natural light in the house, as well as windows. More about skylights see the Light House Without Lamp with skylights. Design skylights are now several types, there is a fixed type of unit that can not be opened and closed, there are also types that have such a system operable windows and can be opened and closed (roof window). The latter types of tubular form reflective tube that drains into the light.

5 Outdoor
Do not forget to plant crops, trees, and flowers as an important element in the nature of a home.

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