Adorable Reading Corner

Reading can be done anytime and anywhere. Yet, as book lovers, the reading environment will be the most considerable and important thing. Because the comfortable of reading place and its atmosphere can make the reading activity become more relax and comfortable. Reading corner is a need for book lovers. It will be an important place that must be on the list when designing their home. It will be your favorite because you will spend most of your time in there when you are at home.

You don’t need to have a certain special area for giving a neat and pleasant reading corner. We can use the dead corner in our home which is rarely been used, as like borders in the stairs, next to the window in the bedroom, balcony or even veranda. Then you can set those areas with appropriate decoration that you will.

Book collection becomes an inseparable thing from the reading corner. Thus, what you need is how to make sure your book collection safe, neat and easy to access. If you use bookshelf made of wood, make sure it is free from any termite and it is perfectly dry.

There is no standard rule that must be used in designing and setting the area for your ideal reading corner. Yet, reading often needs a quite place. Therefore, you must consider in which side at your home you will set it. If you do not have a large space, you may use the corners and the attic which are far from the activity center room, such as family room and dining room.

Next is the lighting in reading corner. Lighting is an important thing to make an enjoyable reading activity. If it is possible, choose the corner faces the window, you will get a natural lighting from outside. But, if that corner is a closed area, give attention in setting a lamp with high-quality lighting to light the corner well. An adjustable lamp will be able to move if necessary. Don’t forget to provide a comfortable seat and give some attention to the lighting in those areas. Your personality also determines what kind of reading space that you can design. You may also want your design match to your style without leaving the function of reading corner itself.

There are many designs or styles of a reading corner that you may love, such as modern minimalist, classic, vintage, fun, cozy and chic. The most favorite design is modern minimalist. It does not require so many accessories and equipment. This design provides some simple storage. The window functions as natural lighting. Then you need to get a comfy chair and a little table for your cup of tea. You can get several pillows and a warm blanket.

If you have a child, make an adorable and fun reading area, it will be a great idea for motivating little one to read. You may also use canopy tent to decorate it. Children like colorful thing, so you may ask your children in decorating their reading corner.

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